Freedom of expression challenge- Rain

This is a response to the Freedom of Expression challenge – Commitment curated by #richa #iscriblr

Rain is not only drops of water. Its the love of sky for earth. They never meet each other but sends love this way.


This is so true😍

The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.



Happy mother’s Day❤

Mother’s Day is always special but I feel we don’t need a particular day to celebrate it. A single day is’nt enough to celebrate the motherhood, but we can make the single day special. For every one mother is the first love. Mother devotes her whole life for the sake of their children. So is my mother. We become grownup and get stuck in other things but for mothers, we are the first priority.

Mother’s Day is a day we can make her realize how much we love her by giving her our time.

I still remember this day, I cooked my very first cake on mother’s day 4 years ago when I really use to hate cooking. I remember how I literally disturbed my friend asking her the same recipe again and again over the phone. The cake fortunately cooked good and my mom was so surprised and overwhelmed seeing it.

Today, when I am an expert in cooking I realize no one’s compliment can make me that happy like hers that day. This also makes me feel how she used to try new recipes for us and her level of happiness when we use to like it.

Mothers knows every single thing about us, our preferences, things we hate everything. We are the one who takes her for granted when we stay close to her. But now when I am miles away from her I realize her effort that she use to take everyday to make us happy. We are abundantly blessed if we have a mother. I miss you so much.

Thankyou mom and I love you.❤

Happy mother’s day to all the mother’s.❤ And I love this 👇.

Thank you readers. Hope you liked my post.

Stay blessed and keep smiling😊


The hateful Alley.

She was crossing that familiar alley which was her way to home.
Elated she was as she turned 8 today
Glittering her eyes were, thinking about her friends who were going to come to her party.
Excited for the delicious strawberry cake, her father ordered for her.

Delighted in her thoughts, Unexpectedly she saw an unfamiliar face trying being too familiar coming towards her. Pretending to know her well, offering that luscious chocolate, He seized her in arms. Unconscious of things she only knew there is she is in trouble.

Dragging her to the corner, misbehaving her, She remembers everything. Cursing that face in front of her, She screamed in terror By the grace of God someone heard her.

Her body wasn’t harmed fortunately but the soul was injured enough to swerve her mirthful day into morbid. She hates the day since then, Also hates the alley, and later hates being a girl.

Stay blessed



7: 20 a.m:-

She was so hubris today

Exactly how she wanted.

Everything was going so right

Sitting on that chair which she

dreamt of,

Praising from each corner felt so


Her feathers won the rigorous sky.

7:25 a.m :-

The alarm started beeping

Everything got shattered.

Nothing left, just a thought

“Can I change the alarm time?”

Keep smiling and Stay blessed..


Comforting Childhood lies.

Hello folks,

Hope you guys are doing great today.

Please go through my new post and let me know your views about it.

Comforting with the lies, you made during those days was much better than the actuality.

The lie about the fairy, bringing up a new tooth while I sleep was so impelling that the falling of the old one hadn’t hurt.

The lie about talking with strangers would destroy my dollhouse seemed so plausible.

The lie about your kiss on my wound would recover it fast was so much alleviating.

The lie about Santa bringing gifts kept me all awake that night.

The lie that I am the best girl in the world (which now Lisa hears from her mother) use to bring so much joy.

The lie about I will achieve only success still hold me today in my failure.

The lie that you carefully curated to shield my innocence from the dark side of the world made my childhood so miraculous.

Do I miss believing them?

Yes definitely.

Stay blessed and Keep smiling,