Quality time in era of Corona.😷😬

Hey folks,

Hope things are as good as possible in these strange times. Surrounded with wall, things are locked down,shut down. This virus has made us understand the real meaning of ‘QUARANTINE.’ Self isolation and Quarantine are the words I am hearing this week more than I have ever heard my name. Also the news from the entire world are making us so weak to feel ourselves.😒 I would request all to get little away if it’s bothering you a lot. You don’t need to listen the things for the whole day. Taking the update once a day is enough.

Study says, If you remain inside the 4 walls for more than 3 days you starts getting depressed but if you are with the right people and right surrounding it will not affect you much. Of course, now without any options we have to choose staying inside our walls with our family or friends for a period of time. So why not utilize this time to something which will make us feel good later?

  • Remember that time when the alarm went off, you wanted to sleep some more but didn’t have a choice but to get out of bed. Well, now’s the time to snooze away and sleep more. Get that 6-8 hours of sound sleep. Let your body reboot.
  • Your partner or housemate(family member or friend) used to be too busy with their phones? Now is the time, snatch their phones away and spent TIME with them as we have lot of it now.

  • Family is a true blessing.😄 If you are with them in this predicament, trust me you are lucky. Enjoy this time with them. Look those old photo albums, share old childhood stories, watch the old videos. If you are a parent, this is the time, make the most of it. Make beautiful memories.
  • If you have an annoying partner , you know this is the time to annoy them. Just kidding.😜 Spent your day with your spouse doing something for them and I bet the next day will be for yours. Watch late night movies,play games, talk endlessly, fight, solve out and things you missed all these days.
  • You get days to stay home and one thing you cannot miss doing is self care. Look at yourself, you can look and feel better. All these busy days didn’t give you the chance to relax, listen to your favorite music, read, care for your skin and more, but you can do them now.
  • Enhance yourself to what you are good at. Cooking, Painting, Writing or Acting, anything which makes you feel alive and happy, do it because the world is actually at pause now.
  • We are taking advantages of technology everyday. But today use it to connect yourself to the people who are close to your heart but far within distance and work load. Video call them, gossip, talk about old memories and make your and their day a good one.

Hope you all can find something here for yourself. I know you are doing your best to combat this situation.Stay at home, stay calm and stay strong. Remember, we all are in this together.

Please like and share if you like this blog. Also add your comments. Thankyou❤

Stay blessed.


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Let’s love ourselves…❤

Hey folks😊

All set up for week of love? Planned a date with your “SPECIAL” one? Or still waiting for someone? And if you are alone, are you thinking to celebrate the love for yourself? Why not?

YES!! I am talking to you. Don’t you know you are so special? If still not then please take time to know yourself and your value.

Today let’s talk about the kind of love which we avoid all the time i.e, Philautia which means love for self. I know there are thousands of quotes on internet today which will divulge you that loving yourself is so important or some version of the same. But is that so easy?
Loving oneself is not a cushy job, and if you’re trying despite of your hard days, you get points for effort.

Listening about self love raise the question that why is this important?

Are you one of them who is always focused on impressing others so that they appreciate you and will indirectly make you happy? If the agenda is to be happy then why seeking it from others? You can make yourself happy by loving the way you are. It’s not about being self-absorbed or narcissistic, it’s about getting in touch with ourselves, our well-being and our happiness.

Is it so hard for one to find love in self? Yes it is but if we practice few shots in everyday, it isn’t that tough. Listed are few points which will lead us towards the process:-

  1. Stop Comparing yourself to others.

I remember my school days when I used to compare myself with those studious kids of my class, sometimes with popular ones or good looking ones. Have you also faced such situation in your life?

We all have compared ourselves at some point of time and poked ourselves as worthless. It’s natural to compare as we live in a competitive world but it can be dangerous too. There is just no point to comparing ourselves with others as we are all unique.

2. Stop caring about other’s judgement

The greatest prison the people live in, is the fear of what other people will think about them. We put efforts in pleasing others yet fail to impress everyone. So as I told earlier it’s better making yourself happy rather than trying to please others .

3. Allow yourself to make mistake

We’ve been told from childhood ‘nobody is perfect’ but the older we get we try to get perfect without attempting a mistake. So when we fail we deprive our self esteem. Mistakes are always lessons for us. We need to allow ourself to make mistakes and learn lessons from them.

4. Accept and trust yourself

Accept yourself the way you are and be proud of it because the world is already judging you anyway. We so often doubt ourselves and our ability to do what’s right, when most of the time we do know in our hearts what’s best. I know it’s hard to decide something for yourself but you gonna be alright.

5. Impart from toxic people

Stop being with people who are toxic for you. If you feel you are losing being yourself with someone just end that relationship or get away.

6. Spend time with yourself

The best way to understand ourselves is to spend time with ourselves, doing what we love. The more we do so, we will start liking us and present the best version of ourselves.

Spend time with yourself. Take your wounds on a date and understand them better. your healing lays in how honest you can be with yourself.

Billy Chapata

7. Endure the true ones.

If we have someone who stands beside us without finching, and helps bringing gaiety in us, we should never leave that person. They can be our family, friends or our partner, anyone who can add more reasons to love ourselves.

That’s all is needed guys. I know it’s not a magical thing but trust me you can do it.

Hope you all liked this blog. I am actually writing almost after 6 months. And yes I am regretting because this is something I love. I will try not to stop this again.

Thanks for stopping by.🙏Feel free to comment your suggestions below.

Stay blessed and keep loving yourself.


You look perfect😊

Elena was upset today because she heard girls talking about her weight while she was crossing the street. “Look that ugly, hippopotamus coming.” The girl with specs whispered with her mates. “Let’s give her aside or she will squeeze us” the other one in blue dress giggled.

This is not only today, she has to bear these things every day sometimes from strangers and sometimes from her friends. This makes her depress though she knows she is suffering from Prolactinoma, and it’s really hard for her to reduce the weight though she is trying her best.

We human being have a quirk of judging  anyone, anywhere regarding any subject so quickly like it’s our birth right. Sometimes we make fun of people’s appearance, their weight, their looks and color without knowing that there might be a reason behind those things or they are already struggling with these things. It’s became so easy to gossip about someone on their back.

You wouldn’t tell a flower that it is oddly shaped to be given to someone you love.

You wouldn’t tell the ocean that it’s waves are too curvy to kiss the shoreline.

and you wouldn’t tell the moon that it is too round to illuminate even the darkest of nights.

So why would you tell someone that they are too big to be beautiful?

A man or woman in any shape has their own kind of beauty and everyone is perfect if they are happy with themselves. A man doesn’t needs to have abs to look handsome nor a woman needs to have a curvy body to be beautiful. As far as you are healthy and happy you are perfect.

Just remember – “You are beautiful and will be always a shining star.”


Stay blessed and Keep smiling.



Hello everyone,

This is my response to Richa’s “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION CHALLENGE- DREAM.” (http://iscriblr.com/freedom-of-expression-challenge-dream/)

Beautiful dreams brings smile in our sleep, But carry tears when becomes reality.

We are such stuffs as dreams are made on, and our little life Is rounded with a sleep.

William Shakespeare

Some dreams of being successful, some for more money While some dreams of proper food for the day.

They say come out from the dreams and live in the reality but for her dream is the only place where she meets her mother.

Dreams are indeed beautiful but sometimes what’s more beautiful than it, is God’s plan.

Thank you Richa for putting such lovely topics every week. I really love participating in every of your’s challenge.

Stay blessed and Keep smiling.


Happy mother’s Day❤

Mother’s Day is always special but I feel we don’t need a particular day to celebrate it. A single day is’nt enough to celebrate the motherhood, but we can make the single day special. For every one mother is the first love. Mother devotes her whole life for the sake of their children. So is my mother. We become grownup and get stuck in other things but for mothers, we are the first priority.

Mother’s Day is a day we can make her realize how much we love her by giving her our time.

I still remember this day, I cooked my very first cake on mother’s day 4 years ago when I really use to hate cooking. I remember how I literally disturbed my friend asking her the same recipe again and again over the phone. The cake fortunately cooked good and my mom was so surprised and overwhelmed seeing it.

Today, when I am an expert in cooking I realize no one’s compliment can make me that happy like hers that day. This also makes me feel how she used to try new recipes for us and her level of happiness when we use to like it.

Mothers knows every single thing about us, our preferences, things we hate everything. We are the one who takes her for granted when we stay close to her. But now when I am miles away from her I realize her effort that she use to take everyday to make us happy. We are abundantly blessed if we have a mother. I miss you so much.

Thankyou mom and I love you.❤

Happy mother’s day to all the mother’s.❤ And I love this 👇.

Thank you readers. Hope you liked my post.

Stay blessed and keep smiling😊


The hateful Alley.

She was crossing that familiar alley which was her way to home.
Elated she was as she turned 8 today
Glittering her eyes were, thinking about her friends who were going to come to her party.
Excited for the delicious strawberry cake, her father ordered for her.

Delighted in her thoughts, Unexpectedly she saw an unfamiliar face trying being too familiar coming towards her. Pretending to know her well, offering that luscious chocolate, He seized her in arms. Unconscious of things she only knew there is she is in trouble.

Dragging her to the corner, misbehaving her, She remembers everything. Cursing that face in front of her, She screamed in terror By the grace of God someone heard her.

Her body wasn’t harmed fortunately but the soul was injured enough to swerve her mirthful day into morbid. She hates the day since then, Also hates the alley, and later hates being a girl.

Stay blessed