One Last Chance

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing great.

We are surrounded around different types of people. Among them , we get to choose someone with whom we decide to spend our life. Well sometime this decisions don’t look good ahead in future but still we try hard to continue it. Here is a short story of Aisha who suffers from a bad relationship but continues to give one last chance to her husband.

“Give me one last chance, It won’t be repeated.” He begged.

This is just like every time.

“Do I need to abide all this just because I am married to him?” Aisha asked to herself.

Since the day Ryan started abusing her, she is repeatedly giving him the last chance which he begs for each day after exploiting her. These were chances or opportunities to bring it on again and again , she keeps imagining. But what she could do, her parents too asked her to grant her husband one last chance to fix his fault.

“Does this last chance journey have any border.”

She remembers how she convinced her parents to get married to her love Ryan. She remembers how much they both used to love each other and promise to stick until last breathe but everything got changed slowly. The man who used to admire her beauty is now destroying her face by beating her. Still she is giving him one last chance because she loves him.

He slept with his female co-worker, but she had to give him one last chance because she was carrying his baby.

At times she wanted to end this relationship but she was afraid what would people talk about her and also about her little daughter.

She endured everything for the right to come , continued giving him the chances which he never justified for.

She was ready with all the last chances until the day came when her daughter was also tortured by her father , until the day when her princess was slapped by her father and until when the daughter asked her “Why are we living with such a monster mama.”

WHY?  This is the question every person going through such circumstances needs to ask oneself. Why in the name of marriage one has to put own dignity on stake?


A relationship requires equal effort from both sides. It is based on trust and love. If someone is putting his/her all effort and not receiving same it’s no more worth to continue such relationship.

This is not for a particular gender or group , anyone feeling or going through these situations are requested to end the relationship for their betterment. If one person is making the same mistake repeatedly that means he or she is habituated to it and have taken the other for granted. Letting these people to leverage your love and care , you don’t only hurt yourself but also to your closed ones. So here is the time to stop granting the chances. It’s better to give yourself a chance to move and grow.

Don’t let someone get comfortable with disrespecting you.

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New Year 2019..

Hello All,

Happy New Year!! I know I am little late but it’s okay to wish if you still feel it I guess.

I am here to share a new picture about new year which I got to hear about from one of my sweet friend.Everyone around has a different perspective about a thing and when you listen them you feel they are also so correct.

As I told this in my last blog I live in U.S and have no right to work. So to keep me engaged and also to improve my communication skills I go to Toastmaster club. This wednesday we had a meeting almost after a month because of those holiday seasons. After the meeting I got to talk with Elina whom I wished new year and asked how did she celebrated her new year.

“I don’t celebrate New Year, for me it’s like any other day. For me it’s like a change of digit.” I got an unexpected reply.

“Why so?” I was still curious to hear from her.

“Because January does’nt seem to be have anything new. Everything is desiccated. There is no colour around us. No blooms, everything is dried off.”

“For me New starts when springs come.” She continued. “When the tres get new leaves, when there is blossom, when everything around us looks happy.”

I was lifted by her explanation and thought she is so correct. I was glad I had this conversation with her.

As I said before we get to discover new things from others as we see from their point of view which might be different but so unique in other way.

Thanks for reading this, kindly leave your helpful comment and also suggestion for me if any.


How come I am here..

Hello folks,

Welcome to my blog.

I am Anjali Burnwal and from India. I am a fun loving and an extrovert person but also sometime a shy kind of girl. Well a girl or woman whatever suits as I am 23+ and married.

I am still a child from inside as my husband says. I love travelling, learning new things(but not fond of trying it everytime), talking, eating, dancing(which sometimes looks like hopping) , reading, talking and being clicked.

I completed my graduation in B.Com in 2017 and wanted to pursue M.B.A but somehow got married in 2018. Now I am doing distance M.B.A from Amity University.

Well I currently live in US without any job and sometimes gets extremely bore. My husband works here in U.S.A and he is in H1 visa. I am on dependent visa and so this is the reason why I can’t work here.

My husband suggests me a lot of ideas to get me involve in some productive things. One day he suggested me “Why don’t you start writing a blog?”

And my reaction was “Blog? Really..? What I will write there?”

He continued ” Yes, you can give it a try . Write about yourself, your hobbies, your travel diaries or whatever you like”

I was still in confusion but I told him I will try.

So, after a month of that conversation when I was really upset of wasting my time by watching televisions and all I thought of blog writing. I did some researches about it , went through different videos about how to start a blog , fished among some of the sites and taken suggestions from my friend who is a blogger and finally starting it here.

As I am here I just want to tell you I will try to continue it making entertaining. I will write about my country, my travel stories, my cooking experiences and etc etc… Thanks for reading this.