Quality time in era of Corona.😷😬

Hey folks,

Hope things are as good as possible in these strange times. Surrounded with wall, things are locked down,shut down. This virus has made us understand the real meaning of ‘QUARANTINE.’ Self isolation and Quarantine are the words I am hearing this week more than I have ever heard my name. Also the news from the entire world are making us so weak to feel ourselves.😒 I would request all to get little away if it’s bothering you a lot. You don’t need to listen the things for the whole day. Taking the update once a day is enough.

Study says, If you remain inside the 4 walls for more than 3 days you starts getting depressed but if you are with the right people and right surrounding it will not affect you much. Of course, now without any options we have to choose staying inside our walls with our family or friends for a period of time. So why not utilize this time to something which will make us feel good later?

  • Remember that time when the alarm went off, you wanted to sleep some more but didn’t have a choice but to get out of bed. Well, now’s the time to snooze away and sleep more. Get that 6-8 hours of sound sleep. Let your body reboot.
  • Your partner or housemate(family member or friend) used to be too busy with their phones? Now is the time, snatch their phones away and spent TIME with them as we have lot of it now.

  • Family is a true blessing.😄 If you are with them in this predicament, trust me you are lucky. Enjoy this time with them. Look those old photo albums, share old childhood stories, watch the old videos. If you are a parent, this is the time, make the most of it. Make beautiful memories.
  • If you have an annoying partner , you know this is the time to annoy them. Just kidding.😜 Spent your day with your spouse doing something for them and I bet the next day will be for yours. Watch late night movies,play games, talk endlessly, fight, solve out and things you missed all these days.
  • You get days to stay home and one thing you cannot miss doing is self care. Look at yourself, you can look and feel better. All these busy days didn’t give you the chance to relax, listen to your favorite music, read, care for your skin and more, but you can do them now.
  • Enhance yourself to what you are good at. Cooking, Painting, Writing or Acting, anything which makes you feel alive and happy, do it because the world is actually at pause now.
  • We are taking advantages of technology everyday. But today use it to connect yourself to the people who are close to your heart but far within distance and work load. Video call them, gossip, talk about old memories and make your and their day a good one.

Hope you all can find something here for yourself. I know you are doing your best to combat this situation.Stay at home, stay calm and stay strong. Remember, we all are in this together.

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Stay blessed.


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