Let’s love ourselves…❤

Hey folks😊

All set up for week of love? Planned a date with your “SPECIAL” one? Or still waiting for someone? And if you are alone, are you thinking to celebrate the love for yourself? Why not?

YES!! I am talking to you. Don’t you know you are so special? If still not then please take time to know yourself and your value.

Today let’s talk about the kind of love which we avoid all the time i.e, Philautia which means love for self. I know there are thousands of quotes on internet today which will divulge you that loving yourself is so important or some version of the same. But is that so easy?
Loving oneself is not a cushy job, and if you’re trying despite of your hard days, you get points for effort.

Listening about self love raise the question that why is this important?

Are you one of them who is always focused on impressing others so that they appreciate you and will indirectly make you happy? If the agenda is to be happy then why seeking it from others? You can make yourself happy by loving the way you are. It’s not about being self-absorbed or narcissistic, it’s about getting in touch with ourselves, our well-being and our happiness.

Is it so hard for one to find love in self? Yes it is but if we practice few shots in everyday, it isn’t that tough. Listed are few points which will lead us towards the process:-

  1. Stop Comparing yourself to others.

I remember my school days when I used to compare myself with those studious kids of my class, sometimes with popular ones or good looking ones. Have you also faced such situation in your life?

We all have compared ourselves at some point of time and poked ourselves as worthless. It’s natural to compare as we live in a competitive world but it can be dangerous too. There is just no point to comparing ourselves with others as we are all unique.

2. Stop caring about other’s judgement

The greatest prison the people live in, is the fear of what other people will think about them. We put efforts in pleasing others yet fail to impress everyone. So as I told earlier it’s better making yourself happy rather than trying to please others .

3. Allow yourself to make mistake

We’ve been told from childhood ‘nobody is perfect’ but the older we get we try to get perfect without attempting a mistake. So when we fail we deprive our self esteem. Mistakes are always lessons for us. We need to allow ourself to make mistakes and learn lessons from them.

4. Accept and trust yourself

Accept yourself the way you are and be proud of it because the world is already judging you anyway. We so often doubt ourselves and our ability to do what’s right, when most of the time we do know in our hearts what’s best. I know it’s hard to decide something for yourself but you gonna be alright.

5. Impart from toxic people

Stop being with people who are toxic for you. If you feel you are losing being yourself with someone just end that relationship or get away.

6. Spend time with yourself

The best way to understand ourselves is to spend time with ourselves, doing what we love. The more we do so, we will start liking us and present the best version of ourselves.

Spend time with yourself. Take your wounds on a date and understand them better. your healing lays in how honest you can be with yourself.

Billy Chapata

7. Endure the true ones.

If we have someone who stands beside us without finching, and helps bringing gaiety in us, we should never leave that person. They can be our family, friends or our partner, anyone who can add more reasons to love ourselves.

That’s all is needed guys. I know it’s not a magical thing but trust me you can do it.

Hope you all liked this blog. I am actually writing almost after 6 months. And yes I am regretting because this is something I love. I will try not to stop this again.

Thanks for stopping by.🙏Feel free to comment your suggestions below.

Stay blessed and keep loving yourself.